For your light shaping needs

Light Shaping Diffusers use advanced holographic beam shaping technology that shapes light energy with holographic patterns embedded on polycarbonate film or rigid sheets. These patterns create a pseudo-random surface that can manipulate light by changing the direction of its energy. The diffuser sheets are highly efficient and are available in both circular, elliptical and extreme elliptical formats.  Below is an example of our diffusers used on an LED strip.

Left: Light shaping diffuser placed over a line of LEDs; Right: strip of LED lights, not diffused.

While LEDs are very efficient,  hot spots and uneven light distribution can be an issue, particularly in applications where precision is critical. Light Shaping Diffuser sheets homogenize and shape the light with 85% to 92% transmission efficiency. Light Shaping Diffusers use the principle of surface scatter instead of volume or bulk scatter, which results in a much higher transmission efficiency than plastic light diffusers and superior optical transmission between 200nm and 1500nm. The low backscatter of the LSD structures are anti-reflective in nature and utilize light that would otherwise be wasted due to Fresnel loss. A clear piece of polycarbonate substrate is 89% transmissive. With a Luminit LED light diffuser added, transmission improves to 92%. Note that Luminit measures transmission utilizing an integrated sphere with the LSD structure incident to the light source.