Display panels should be oriented to optimally direct images to the viewer, but this is not always possible because of space and design limitations. Luminit’s Direction Turning Film (DTF) can help. This transparent optical component takes the image created by your flat panel display and directs it by 20° up, down, left or right to attain an optimal angle for the viewer. Incorporating DTF into your display is easy. It can be used either within the display under the LCD or on top of the LCD in the display. DTF may also be incorporated in double-sided film with the DTF on one side and a Luminit Light Shaping Diffuser® or Round Tip Prism brightness enhancer on the other side.

How Direction Turning FilmWorks:

The prismatic structure of the DTF faces the image light source and redirects the image at a controlled angle of 20°. Because of the high efficiency of the DTF, the redirected image is virtually distortion free.