Integrated Cross-Connect Optical Switch (ICCOS)

For the Air Force, Holoptic developed an innovative Integrated Cross-Connect Optical Switch (ICCOS) based on passive optical routing and active electronic switching. Data envelopes are sent via electrically controlled transmitters through an optical cross-connect router to burst-mode receivers. ICCOS can route the light to any output port through a non-blocking dense wavelength-division multiplexing cross-connect router.

Laser Eye Protective Tech Polycarbonate Visor Incorporating Metal Oxide Nanoparticles

To protect the eyes of Air Force pilots from serious injury, Holoptic developed a new Laser Eye Protective technology polycarbonate visor incorporating metal oxide nanoparticles (LEP-POLY_NANO) consisting of modified tungsten oxide and tungsten bronze nanoparticles with ternary additives Sodium, Thallium, Rubidium, and Cesium. This nanocomposite technology is compatible with a neutral tint dye that reduces light transmittance to 15% for daytime operations and will not degrade the ballistic protection properties of polycarbonate; nor will it introduce haze, distortion, aberration, prism, or artifacts, which could impair visual performance or create distractions in the visual field.

Integrated Substrate-guided Wave-based Eyetracker and Helmet Mounted Display     

For the Air Force, Holoptic developed a new Integrated Substrate-guided wave (SGW) based Eye tracker and Head-Mounted Display that tracks the pilot’s eye position to enable a more precise targeting system that will lock in on targets based on pilot line of sight. The lightweight low-profile see-through display and its microprocessors are designed to fit within the pilot’s helmet with the joint helmet-mounted cueing system (JHMCS) visor without obstructing the pilot’s field of view.

Flexible Micro- and Nano-Patterning Tools for Photonics           

Holoptic developed a new patterning tool for the replication of micro- and nano-patterns (sub-100 nm to 100 micron) on both rigid and flexible substrates.  This flexible net-shape tooling can be integrated into existing roll-to-roll replication web machines for mass production of photonic devices with multi-cavities and has controllable surface roughness with very good release properties and a short lead time thereby reducing the manufacturing cost. The master articles, made by patterning a photoresist layer on a rigid substrate using conventional lithographic or recently developed plasmonic lithography techniques (exposure and development), can transfer the pattern to a hard mold, which can be integrated into roll-to-roll replication web machines.

Biomimetic Integrated Optical Sensor  

For the Air Force, Holoptic developed a new Biomimetic Integrated Optical Sensor (BIOS) system. The system is based on the unique integration of a wide field-of-view (FOV) miniature staring multi-aperture compound eye with a high-speed, low-cost, polarization and spectral selective liquid crystal (LC) filter array, a focal plane array (FPA), and a neural network processor. The BIOS system will use most if not all of the information in the light field, including spectral, temporal, polarization, and intensity for detailed object shape, for applications enabling autonomous behavior, including egomotion determination, to aid in navigation; as well as target detection, recognition, ranging, and tracking.

Curved Wave-guided Holographic Display         

For the Air Force, Holoptic is developing a new Curved Wave-guided Holographic Display (CWHD) for pilot visors. This system is based on Holoptic development of substrate-guided wave-based (SGW) holograms, guided beam direction, and waveguide radius. CWHD will be fabricated as a day/night HMD system that provides, at a minimum, binocular monochrome 1280´1024 imagery in a 40-degree FOV on a curved, transparent, holographic optical waveguide that is integrated into a visor. CWHD will be lightweight, show minimal aberration, and maximal brightness and image quality.

Compression Imaging Phased Array Ultrasound Interrogator (CIPHOR)

For the Air Force, Holoptic is developing a new Compression Imaging Phased Array Ultrasound Interrogator  (CIPHOR) system, based on phased array higher frequency (~20 MHz) ultrasonic NDE for characterization of the micro grain structure of the composite energetic materials. This proposed system offers the capability to deform the energetic material in situ and in real time capture the evolution of the resulting damage under mechanical/thermal insult. Its use of high frequency results in ultrasound wavelengths of ~100 µm, which in combination with super-resolution imaging techniques enables resolving the grain structure and damage-induced defects in composite energetic material.