What can Holoptic do?

Holoptic is a leading developer of transparent holographic displays (THDs) for augmented reality (AR) and infotainment applications, including Head-Up Displays (HUD), Helmet-Mounted Displays (HMDs), Visor-Integrated and Near-to-Eye Displays. Using a proprietary holographic optical element (HOE) recording technology, Holoptic offers both AR and In-Plane (IP) displays with superior parameters.

Holoptic huge and growing AR market includes Automotive (driver and passenger displays), Avionics (HUDs and HMDs), Medical (e.g., surgery goggles), Industrial Maintenance and Repair (visor displays), Entertainment (e.g. transparent screens), and Military (rifle scope AR displays, soldier HMDs). For instance, the AR HUD provides the driver with a bright virtual image containing navigational information overlaid on the real-world view in front of the automobile. With an adequate field of view (FOV), this information can be viewed at the same depth of plane as the environment outside, meaning the driver does not need to shift their focal depth or take their eyes off the road to look at a dashboard display. The IP HUD provides an infotainment display for passengers on the windshield or side windows, adding information content while remaining fully transparent.

Holoptic’s thin, flexible THDs can be laminated and embedded conformally on or into glass/plastic windows. Their large size, FOV, and Eye Box increase customer acceptance of your AR solution, while high light efficiency results in a brighter image visible in daylight. The use of THD eliminates the need for complex optics that characterize Optical/Waveguide AR solutions, thus projecting significantly lower weight, footprint, and cost.