The Holoptic Team


Executive Chairman/Acting CEO

Dr. Engin Arik, Executive Chairman/Founder, Acting CEO of Holoptic, has over three decades of experience in founding, leading, and profitably growing high tech companies working in the holography, nanotechnology, lighting, displays, optical sensors, fiber optics, and laser- based fluid measurement instrumentation. He has PhD and MS in Engineering from Harvard University, post-Master’s degree from von Karman Institute in Belgium, ScB in Mechanical Engineering, and AB in Economics from Brown University. He is the author and co-author of many published papers, book chapters, and patents. Dr. Arik successfully led the 2005 founding of Luminit as a spin-off of Physical Optics Corporation, completed technology licensing agreements with Hitachi Chemical and Asahi Kasei Corporations of Japan, and recently led the spin-off of Luminit Automotive Technologies (LAT), Luminit Government Services (LGS), and Holoptic from Luminit.


VP of Research and Development

Serving as Vice President of R&D, Dr. Fedor Dimov is one of the world’s leading experts in thin film optics and holographic technologies. His long list of accomplishments includes over 20 holography-related patents, and he has co-authored numerous technical papers on the subject. Dr. Dimov was a significant contributor to the DARPA HDSS project at Stanford. He developed the technology of substrate-guided wave-based holograms and successfully implemented it for different type of near-to-eye displays, eye trackers, solar concentrators, miniature spectrometers, and gun sights. His multi-year work on SBIR projects brought to the company more than $8M in grants and contracts. Dr. Dimov’s interests include data storage and search systems, water droplet measurement, opto-mechanical inertial sensors, laser beam detection, subwavelength resolution maskless technology based on surface plasmon resonance, holographic ultra-narrow passband filters and spectrometers, holographic solar concentrators, head-mounted displays and eye trackers, and head-up displays for automotive and other industries. He holds a Master’s degree in Physics from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and a PhD in Applied Optics at Leningrad University of Fine Mechanics and Optics.


Anthony Silvestris

VP of Business Development

Anthony Silvestris has a proven track record of delivering and sustaining revenue and profit gains for over 14 years. He lead multiple successful engineering programs including integration on roll to roll and lamination replication, measurement and testing, 2D and 3D screens seaming and fabrication development, and retro reflection. His sales and negotiating skills, as well as his in-depth knowledge in product development, helped turn Luminit into one of the fastest growing high tech optics companies in the country. A leader in attracting new clients, seizing new business opportunities, and developing strategic partnerships, Anthony possesses a strong acumen for business and broad domestic and international experience. He currently serves as Director of Sales at Luminit and VP of Business Development at Holoptic.