Compound Eye Laser Missile Seeker

Holoptic is developing a compound eye laser missile seeker based on multi-aperture compound receiver optics (MACRO) and substrate-guided wave hologram (SGWH) filter. CELMS will consist of a MACRO, made of a lenslet array aligned with a flexible fiber-image-guide (FIG) array, a SGWH filter, a quad detector, and electronics and software.

Ferroelectric Photogalvanic Generator

Holoptic is developing anew Ferroelectric Photogalvanic Generator (FEPG), based on the Photogalvanic (giant photovoltaic) effect. FEPG consists of two blocks (removable for easy maintenance): 1. Pulsed light source, and 2. Ferroelectric cell. Power supplies may be diverse: an explosion-driven light source and battery-operated flash lamps could be used. If operated in deserts or in places with plenty of sunlight, concentrated sun radiation with a chopped window can be used as a power source. The major innovation in the FEPG is the use of a new physical principle of high-voltage generation, based on relatively new giant photovoltaic effect (GPE), or the photogalvanic effect.

Quantum Wave-converter

Holoptic is developing a new high-efficiency, low-noise, and bidirectional plug-and-play fiber coupled PPLN quantum wave-converter (Q-Waver) for quantum communications, based on Luminit’s patented substrate-guided wave hologram (SGWH) technology. The Q-Waver consists of a commercial PPLN waveguide chip, coupled with an innovative SGWH wavelength division multiplexer (WDM) at the input, and an innovative SGWH filter at the output.

Viewbox Enhanced Wave-Guided Helmet Mounted Display

Holoptic developed a Viewbox Enhanced Helmet Mounted Display technology based on a wave-guided holographic optical element for off-axis image projection of a high-resolution microdisplay through a thin plastic visor, which acts as a waveguide. VIEW-HMD displays color imagery over a field of view of more than 30 degrees with a >10 mm eye motion and see-through capability.

Organically Modified Sol-Gel Nanocomposites for Lightweight Optically Clear Armor Protection

Holoptic developed a new low-cost, lightweight, and flexible Organically Modified Sol-gel nanocomposite material to replace the heavy bulletproof glass in transparent ballistic window structures. This nanocomposite can achieve excellent optical properties, thermal stability, durability, flexibility, and ballistic performance as current glass/polycarbonate window systems at a reduced weight.