UV-curable Sol-gel-organic Hybrid Nanocomposite Encapsulation System (SONIC)

For the DOE, Holoptic developed a new Multifunctional UV-curable SOl-gel-orgaNIC hybrid nanocomposite encapsulation system with excellent water/oxygen barrier, antireflection, superhydrophobic, ultra-violet (UV) and atomic oxygen (AO) resistant properties and flexibility to protect both rigid and flexible photovoltaic cells/modules, at a cost reduction of 50% over current processes.

Flexible Spectrum Splitting Holographic Concentrators (SSHOC)

For DOE, Holoptic developed a new thin, chromatic dispersion corrected, high efficiency, rugged, and low-cost flexible spectrum splitting holographic concentrator based on thin film holographic optical elements. This holographic concentrator uniquely integrates four sets of thin-film holographic optical elements, individually compensated for dispersion, in order to concentrate light to the most appropriate layer of the PC cell.

Solar Photovoltaic Holographic Cogeneration System (SPHOC)

Holoptic developed a new Solar Photovoltaic Holographic Cogeneration system based on unique spectrum-splitting, sun-tracking Spectral and Angle Multiplexed Holographic Concentrator technology. Without any mechanical movement, the SPHOC tracks the sun and efficiently separates the visible portion of the sunlight for the standard PV cell from the thermal portion of the solar spectrum, which will be used to efficiently generate thermal or electric energy. SPHOC will continuously convert the focused sunlight in the visible and near infrared (NIR) to cogenerate electric or thermal energy.

Holographic A-band Multi-channel Substrate Guided Wave-based System(HAMSS)

Holoptic developed a new imaging holographic A-band multi-channel substrate-guided spectrometer with high spectral resolution and high out-of-band rejection ratio. This technology applies two reflection substrate-guided wave-based holograms as dispersing elements laminated to a substrate. The solid integration of two high-resolution gratings enables high stability and image quality of the output spectrometer slit for entire resolved A-band spectrum.

Holographic Building Integrated Photovoltaics (HBIPV)

For the DOE Office of Science, Holoptic developed a new Holographic Building Integrated Photovoltaic material that uses highly efficient Luminit multiplexed holograms with expanded bandwidth and thin-film PV cells. This innovative technology will reduce the cost of photovoltaic system energy production. It will greatly improve the solar generating/concentrating systems resulting in increased solar energy yield. Specific commercial applications of HBIPV include space science and integrating in terrestrial buildings, or just as standalone energy systems.