Fiber-Optic Phase Shifting Interferometer (FOPSI)

For the Missile Defense Agency, Holoptic developed a non-destructive interferometric technology for locating and characterizing surface and subsurface defects in aspheric silicon carbide (SiC) mirrors, which are critical to satellite and missile interceptor telescopes. This device, the Fiber Optic Phase Shifting Interferometer, has a modular design that enhances its use during mirror manufacture.

Performance Optimized Thermoelectric Generator(POTEG)

For the MDA, Holoptic developed a new innovative Performance Optimized Thermoelectric Generator system. This technology is based on an integrated system of highly efficient nanostructured flexible thermoelectric generators and thermal switches. POTEG will be lightweight and capable of supplying >300W of electricity to the power management system while removing heat from the insulation for at least 5 minutes and converting it to electricity.